A Discord Brawlhalla utility bot

What is Gerard?

Gerard is a bot to bring some helpful Brawlhalla tools into your Discord server. It'll help your members check their ranks, view stats, and otherwise participate in the community.

Gerard is not currently a mod bot to help police your community. It doesn't filter language, check whether people are spamming, or assist with muting, kicking, or banning. While it also doesn't have meme or emote commands built-in, there are ways for you to add your own simple commands as well. There are plenty of other bots out there; Gerard is built to play nice if they hang out in your server, too.

Invite Gerard to your server on Discord.

Available Commands

Commands range across server settings, player rankings, competitive tools, connecting with BMG, and other tools for information.

Server Settings

Customizable Server Settings

The following commands are useable by server admins to customize how the Gerard is used in their server.

Most commands can be redirected to a particular channel, if you don't want bot output cluttering your chat. !set botspam #channel will make any commands marked with redirect throw their results in that channel. If you later decide you don't want to redirect the results, !set botspam false will undo any redirects.

!set prefix will allow you to change the command prefix from ! to whatever else you might want, including mentioning Gerard. (It won't accept a prefix that mentions another user.)

!customcommand will allow you to set up a simple custom command in your server. This allows you to have Gerard post links to your website, Twitch stream, or just use it for the memes.

Ranks and Stats

Claim your Profile

Several commands can be linked directly to your Steam profile. If you want to be able to use those commands without having to search your name, just !claim

Once you've claimed your profile in any server with Gerard "claimable" commands will automatically know who you are (in any server), without having to type your name. You can easily find info on friends who have claimed their profile as well, with !rank @user.

Show Your Rank claimable, redirect

!rank SteamName will show you ranked 1v1 and 2v2 info on exact matches from the leaderboards. This also links you to your BrawlDB profile, for additional stats. If you've claimed your profile, you do not need to enter your Steam name in order to get matched results.

Player Stats claimable, redirect

If you just want general stats instead of ranked, !stats @user will get you information like overall winrate, most used legends and weapons, as well as which legends and weapons have the best DPS and lowest Time to KO for the user.
Note: This command currently works only with claimed profiles.


Community Tournaments redirect

!tournaments will show upcoming community tournaments. These include links to official tournaments on and various organizations on Challonge.

Improved support is currently in the planning stages.

If you frequently run quality community tournaments and would like to be included, contact @Gaiwecoor on Discord or @Gaiwecoor on Twitter.

Top 250 Queues redirect

Looking for a good match? !queue region will show which top 250 players in your region have been playing ranked 1v1 in the last 20 minutes. (Data refreshes every 6 minutes.) !queue2v2 region will show which top 250 teams have been playing.

Connect with Devs

Dev Streams

Not sure if you missed the Dev Stream? !devstream will show whether the stream is live, and how many people are currently watching, if it is.


Did your favorite weapon get buffed? Nerfed? !patchnotes will give you all the details of the latest patch.

Community Roundup

!communityroundup will give you the most recent Community Roundup, so you don't miss any of the best content generated by the Brawlhalla community.


Current Streamers redirect

Looking for someone to watch? !streaming will send links to the four most popular live Brawlhalla streams.


  • !whoisplaying will tell you who in your server is in-game at the moment.
  • !profile (claimable) shows a link to your Steam profile, for those cases when you want someone to add you to their friend list. This must be claimed, and can only be used to show your profile link.
  • !legend legendName (redirect) shows basic information about a legend, including weapons and stats.
  • !pingtest region (redirect) shows the ping test command to check your ping to the various servers.
  • !botserver will give you an invite to Gerard's home server, BrawlDB.
  • !invite will give you a link to bring Gerard into your own server.


Gerard stores all commands run in a log, for troubleshooting purposes. Information given through the !claim system is stored for ease of your access and your Discord ID to Brawlhalla ID association may be shared with other trusted organizations (such as BrawlDB and Brawl League) through the use of an API unless you set your profile private.

If you would prefer to opt out of sharing your information, running the !private command will set your profile to private so that the information is no longer accessible through the API. This will prevent other users from being able to use Gerard commands to view your claimed information by mentioning your account as well.

If you would like to remove your claimed accounts entirely, the !unclaim command will completely remove your claimed accounts from the system.

Patreon Early Access

If you're interested in fueling Gerard's continued maintenance and development, please consider becoming a patron on Patreon. Patrons get prioritized help when needed, and are invited to participate in discussions regarding what they would like to see happen with Gerard's future. Patrons also get early access to in-development features as they come out - no need to wait for the next full release.

Questions? Feedback? Requests?

Contact @Gaiwecoor on Discord or @Gaiwecoor on Twitter.